Navegando por la aventura de las ciencias.

  • Mission


    To share science, inspiring and motivating the world with unique educational and scientific programmes.
    Link Beagle Quest with scientists and students from Chile and overseas.
    Be an important contribution to scientific education for new generations.

  • Objectives


    Develop unique scientific and education expeditions.
    Retrace the journeys of Fitzroy and Darwin.
    Link scientists and students around the world and in space.
    Build an educational research centre in Puerto Montt.

  • Values


    Discover and Learn
    Commitment to and respect for the Environment
    Cooperation and assistance with other organisations
    Promotion of exploration and adventure
    Participation and Responsible Citizenship

  • “Man tends to increase at a greater rate than his means of subsistence.”

    - Charles Darwin
  • “With a barometer, two or three thermometers, some brief instructions, and an attentive observation, not of instruments only, but the sky and atmosphere, one may utilise Meteorology..”

    - Robert Fitzroy

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